Why does it take so long to move websites?

  • Answered
You are moving my websites to a new server at no charge and have offered me three months hosting for free to compensate for the fact that it has taken you 36 hours to move the sites. My question is why does it take so long to move a website? Five of my websites have been down for 36 hours and all I get from my repeated phone calls is an apology, free hosting, and no explanation or timeline.

My websites went down because the MySQL server was overloaded. This was never explained to me and happened without warning. I thought I had an adequate server.

I'm not impressed. I've written an accurate review of your service on a web host review service that concludes your company is good if you are a small business which doesn't really need a website. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

Package R-2000. I'm afraid I am on a server that is too busy also. I am not able to upload a cpanel backup file over 2G. That is such a basic thing and to not have the ability to do this has me fearing IMH is not for me.

Thank you for your question about why website transfers can take so long.

I regret to hear that your website transfer was delayed. Each website we transfer is different and comes with different challenges, but I'm glad to hear that we were able to rectify the issue and offer you free hosting.

We are very thorough when we transfer sites to make sure nothing is left offline when the site goes live. (Typically, website transfers happen while the site being transferred is still live on the former host or server. Thus, there is usually no downtime.)

Please let us know if you have any further questions. We're always happy to help.

Christopher M.