Error 500 - Internal Server Error for new subdomain

  • Answered
Currently I'm holding the website which is my actual site. I created a subdomain which i intend to use as my development site.
I copied over the whole (including database) to the new subdomain ( I can now easily access the admin (wp-admin) page of the dev site. The home page of the dev site also loads successfully. But whenever I click on any link, I get the 500 error with message - "An error was encountered while processing your request. Typically this is a temporary condition. Please contact the web site owner for further assistance."
To replicate the error, plz try to click -

Please help to resolve the error. it is driving us crazy.

I even visited your support forum and got this useful link -
But unfortunately i can't see the Logs section in my cpanel. Can you please me to locate it? Why it is missing? Instead I found Error matrix at "" but it gives me a big blank grey box.

Hello Sohel, Thank you for contacting us about the 500 error on your page. I regret to hear you're getting those errors; that can be frustrating. I check the Apache error logs for that error and could not see anything conclusive. So the issue may be related to PHP. You can trying changing your PHP Version. Likewise, you can try locating a "php.ini" file in your site files and renaming it. Sometimes certain lines of code in that file can cause 500 errors. Best, Christopher M.