Better WordPress Theme Sought

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Hello InMotion Hosting Support Staff Members,

Website building is new to me. I have started with the 2016 WordPress theme, but would like to switch to a more flexible and feature rich one.

Some of the theme features I'm looking for include:

1. Website title is in one color of choice, tagline is in another color of choice, page print is in black and background is in white. Also, title and tagline are italicized. As well, tagline is indented and indent adjustable. Furthermore, font sizes are adjustable.
2. Website title with underlying tagline is displayed on left side of webpage and menu items are horizontally listed from about the center to the right hand side of the page.
3. Font size of menu page titles is adjustable.
4. Code free table building capability where black borders can be placed around cells within the table (something better than Tiny MCE Advanced).
5. Responsive.
6. Ability to at least have a sidebar on the right hand side of the page.
7. Widget plentiful areas on each webpage.
8. Multilingual friendly, not just ability.
9. Donation friendly ability setup (PayPal might be used).
10. Quick and easy to build.

I have looked through WordPress themes and do not find their descriptions to be as useful as I would like. I'm hoping your industry knowledge, expertise and experience is helpful. One or more free and premium theme recommendations will be appreciated.

Thanks for your time and whatever assistance you are able to provide.

Best Regards.
Hi, if I can make a suggestion I would like to direct you to a premium theme from Elegant Themes named DIVI. It is very flexible and you will find that what you are searching for is almost all included in this theme and so much more. I have been building sites with DIVI and find it very fun because of the user interface and the visual builder which makes it remarquable. Since it is a premium theme there is a cost attached to it but it so well worth it.

Thank you for contacting us about a WordPress theme recommendation. We'll be happy to help you find something that works for you. It's difficult to find a WordPress theme that lets the user change fonts right through the theme options, but there are plugins you can install that let you try different fonts.

However, more and more themes have responsive designs more desktop browsers and mobile devices. Likewise, almost every WordPress theme I've seen lets you use a sidebar on the right-hand side and multiple widget areas. Language support, likewise, may require a plugin or different versions of the site in subdirectories like /en, /fr, /sp, etc.

Here is a plugin for the paypal donations:

For easy building and drag-and-drop functionality, I suggest you try out the Boldgrid site builder:

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Christopher M