Trellix from Lycos - can it be transferred

  • Answered
I currently have a business website selling items via Paypal on Lycos. It is called Trellix. They are no longer supporting this and want people to change to their Zeeblio Beta. They say they cannot transfer my current website to their new website building. So my question is can this kind of website be transferred to InMotion and does this also support Paypal? Thank you.
Hello Corrine, Thank you for your question on migrating a Trellix site to InMotion. From what I can find, Trellix is a site builder tool where you log into an interface to build your site. Then it will display on your hosting server. This type of builder tool publishes from the interface server to the hosting server. While the finished product will be in either php or HTML, something that most hosting servers can run, they are not guaranteed to work if transferred. The reason is you will not be able to transfer your Trellix account, which actually builds the site. At best, you may be able to copy the files entirely and copy them to a new server. It then MAY display properly, but it is highly unlikely. You also would lose the ability to edit your site and make any changes. Unfortunately, the best answer I can give for whether your site would migrate to us successfully is 'No'. We do, however, have our own site building tool called BoldGrid. This tool allows you to build a site and still be able to take it with you if you ever move to another host. Best of all, it was developed by us so there is no third party to deal with when it comes to bugs, new features, updates, etc. It is brand new and only available to those who ask for it at this point. If you would like, be sure to contact our Live Sales team so they can give you the details. Kindest Regards, Scott M