I have a nasty redirect propble on my PrestaShop install, how to fix?

  • Answered
After deleting a module from my PrestaShop install, I get redirect errors and the following error:

"Fatal error: Access level to Tools::$_cache_nb_media_servers must be protected (as in class ToolsCore) or weaker in /home/biljar5/public_html/override/classes/Tools.php on line 2313"

I am quite sure that I have not changed anything else on the site. and I have even attempted to reload a backup of the site which I know works. This is probably some server misconfiguration error, but any ideas?

Sorry to hear you are having an issue with redirects in your PrestaShop site. Redirects of this type are handled at an account level via the .htaccess file. Any server setting that would break that would cause issues on more than one account so if you have any other accounts on the server they would likely also break.

When you deleted the module, did it still have any dependent modules that are still in effect? Have you tried reinstalling the removed module to see if it fixes the issue, bringing it back to its previous state? Have you checked with the specific module support? Did you make any server changes at the root level prior to the malfunction?

Kindest Regards,
Scott M