WordPress redirects to homepage when trying to save data

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I have two domains running the latest version of wordpress. on http://ssdmftk.org anytime a user tries to post a post or page, it saves it as a draft and redirects user to the homepage. on ssdcougars.tv when trying to save settings in Reading or Writing settings, for example, redirect to homepage while attempting to save the changes, no changes are ever saved. I do not know why this is happening and I fear its a server config issue, and not a wordpress issue (since the symptoms effect multiple accounts in my WHM)

Hello Ssdcougars, Thank you for contacting us about WordPress redirecting to your home page when you try to save data. I regret to hear you were having these issues but glad you found a workaround. Of course we would not recommend operating long without without mod_sec rules. I advise submitting a verified ticket to our Live Support so we can investigate more closely. We would be interested to know what configuration changes you may have made in order for WordPress to behave that way. It's certainly a strange behavior, and by default mod_sec would not react that way. If you have any information about when that behavior started (if WordPress worked normal before or never worked) it will help us isolate the issue. We'd appreciate any data you have. Best, Christopher M.