Drupal 8 unable to install new theme

  • Answered
i have installed drupal 8.0.4 and trying to install Red Theme.
I followed the exact steps and copied the red theme "red folder" into both /themes and /core/themes folder. But when i look in the "Appearnce" screen; the new themes are not visible.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having an issue with installing your new theme in Drupal 8. The process has been simplified a bit and we will be updating the article to reflect that. Now, when you installed the theme, you should just need to go to the "Appearance" section and click the blue "Install New Theme" button. From there, you can either enter the URL directly or upload the compressed file. From there, Drupal will do the rest. Is that the way you did it? I tested it on my own server and it was successful in listing the theme on the Appearances page. Kindest Regards, Scott M