HTML - Moving a Blockquote Section on a Page

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With HTML, how do I move a section of text in a Blockquote to a different part of the page?

Here are the details.. I'm building my website with Wordpress, which is new to me, as is HTML. I have a one column page with an image that is left aligned. I had an unordered list that was displaying immediately to the right of the image. So I used blockquote on that list, and I'm now able to 'slide' it right or left by adjusting the margins - that's what I wanted to do.

However, that blockquoted section with the list no longer displays to the right of the image. When I created the blockquote, it moved that section to the bottom of the screen. I can see there is plenty of room to 'slide' the blockquote section up, next to the image, but I don't know how to do that.

How can I do this in HTML in Wordpress?

Thank you for contacting us about moving a blockquote element in HTML. Part of this effect may depend on the style of the image.

But you should be able to copy and paste the block to a different section in the code. For example, you can try moving the text block above or below the image block.

Are you using the "Code" editor in WordPress or the "Visual" editor?

Christopher M.