Admin ajax blocked error message with Give WordPress plugin

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After installing the Give plugin I am getting the following message on the plugin page "Your site appears to be blocking the WordPress ajax interface" - I've looked at 'admin-ajax.php' and that seems to enable ajax and nothing in .htaccess points to disabling ajax and I've looking through all the other plugins for anything that could possibly block ajax and can't seem to find anything. I built a form and used Give in test mode, but haven't actually tried to process a payment yet. Can you provide some pointers on what else to look for? Also is it possible that it is a rogue message triggered by something else. Is the Give plugin displaying that message or s omething else in the Wordpress or InMotion envuronment?

Hello Ricknahass,

Thank you for contacting us about the error you're receiving about your site blocking the ajax interface. We'd be happy to investigate the issue further for you. Does the error go away if you disable the Give plugin?

If not, it's possible there's a configuration with one of the other applications or services running on your account. Either way, I would try disabling an re-enabling plugins to see if you can identify a culprit.

Christopher M