PHP configuration limits error even after updaing php.ini file

  • Answered
Getting error - Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form
1000 for max_input_vars.
Please ask your hosting provider to increase this limit to 2188 at least, or you will have to edit the translation files.

Already set the max_input_vars limit to 5000 in php.ini file in root and sub folders. Primary version of cpanel is 5.2 and 5.4 for the add on domain. Error is for the add on domain with PHP ver 5.4.

Thank you for your question on PHP configuration. Unfortunately if you are on a shared hosting platform, chances are like with our hosting you can not edit that variable as there is a hard limit set. However if you are on VPS/Dedicated solution then you can edit the /usr/local/lib/php.ini file.

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TJ Edens