PCI failures. Had to stop taking credit cards.

  • Answered
Not too long ago, the rules for PCI compliance changed. When that happened, the PCI tests run on my site that is run on a shared business hosting plan started failing where they had passed before. When I tried to get it fixed, I was told the only way to fix it was to spend several hundred more dollars to move to dedicated hosting but when that failed as well, I moved back to the power plan I was on. So here's my question: Why is a "business" hosting plan not passing PCI compliance tests when it used to and what can InMotionHosting do to get it back to passing?
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about your PCI compliance scan failures. Yes, achieving PCI compliance can be difficult. That's why we're always happy to review your results and make any changes you require. You can always submit a ticket to support for review. However, we can only make PCI compliance changes in a VPS or Dedicated hosting environment. Shared hosting plans do not allow the flexibility necessary for making widespread configuration changes.