I am having Trouble with Outlook Setup

  • Answered
We're having difficulties getting our email setup in Outlook 2011. We have tried on multiple computers (all Macs), some cases we are trying to add an additional account, some a new (single) account. We are consistently getting an error saying "The server for account "Amesortho" returned the error "Temporary problem, please try again later...". Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Hello, Thank you for your contacting us about an issue setting up Outlook. Here is a helpful link to our walk-through guide on How to Set Up your Email in Outlook 2011 for the Mac. I recommend viewing your email settings in cPanel to ensure they are entered correctly, and without misspellings. If your problems persist, try using the alternate settings. For example, if you are using the SSL settings, try the non-ssl settings. This also changes the port setting, and may rule out a blocked port. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul