WordPress installs and Wordfence email alert problems

  • Answered
I have two WordPress installs on InMotion, as well as another WordPress install on another host. I have configured all three in a similar way in terms of general settings (all three also installed via Softaculous).

In particular, I have installed the WordFence security plugin (a plugin recommended in this board by InMotion) with *identical* settings on all three installations. For example, identical settings under "Alerts" for when to email the address specified in "Where to email alerts".

My problem is that for my installations in InMotion, I am only partly receiving emails.

To clarify, under my non-InMotion WordPress site, I get all email alerts: when an admin logs in, when someone is locked out, critical problems and warnings such as plugins being out of date.

Under my InMotion WordPress sites, I receive email alerts ONLY when an admin logs in, but *nothing* else.

Another thing to note that may be related to this is that I notice when there are plugin or theme updates available, when I log in to the InMotion WP sites, "Updates" in the sidebar under Dashboard is not being shown with the number of updates available -- whereas in the non-InMotion site, if there are updates available, "Updates" shows up in the sidebar with an icon showing the number of updates. I'm not sure if this is related.

One of the InMotion sites I have enabled CloudFlare, and on the other no CloudFlare is enabled.

I'm scratching my head trying to figure out what the problem is, especially since all sites are configured identically. If anyone has had such an issue with WordFence on InMotion, please do let me know. Thanks!!
Hello antoinmo, Sorry to hear you are having issues with emails on your WordPress site and WordFence plugin. This should not be happening, but it is not something that is server wide, judging from your description. What we need to see is the email logs while things are supposed to be sent. You will need to contact the Live Support team so they can walk with you and watch the logs to see if the emails are indeed attempting to be sent from the server. Kindest Regards, Scott M