How can I move content to WordPress?

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I've installed Wordpress on the server, and want to transfer the site and files currently stored at InMotion to it - same domain name, I just want to be able to manage the site using Wordpress. How can I do that?

Hello, Thank you for your question on transferring content to your WordPress installation. Transferring content from one site to another depends on what programs were used for each site. If they are the same system, such as both WordPress sites, then you can simply export the database from the old site and import it to the new site, assuming you are moving to a blank site. We have an article on migrating your WordPress database that gives more specific information. If the sites are the same and you are looking to add the content from one site to existing content on the new site, then the database export/import will not work. You will need to move the content over page by page, or post by post. This means that you will just do a copy and paste of the content. This will also be the same if the sites are created with two different systems. For example, if your original site is hand coded HTML and the new one is WordPress. You will simply need to copy and paste the page content over to the WordPress page by page. We have articles on creating pages and posts that give specific instructions.