Sending emails using PHP not working

  • Answered
I am using SMTP server and authetication for sending emails in PHP. Basically I am using the PHPMailer class available on web for sending emails safely using PHP. Few weeks back it was working but now the Inmotion Hosting Support changed something on the server, and it's no longer working. Any suggestions?
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your php mail script not sending. We have not changed anything on the servers lately that should break SMTP authentication. Do you have a specific error that is showing? Have you tested all the SMTP settings? Does this occur on different browsers? Devices? Networks? If so, this may be an account specific issue. In that case, you will want to contact Live Support and they can walk through the issue with you, watching email logs with a live test to see if they can assist with the cause. Kindest Regards, Scott M