Transferring a cPanel File for Restoration

  • Answered
I just opened a new reseller account and need your help to restore websites from my current hosting provider via cpanel.
My questions are :
- Do I need to create new account to be restored for each website before asking you to restore the websites ?
- Or I just uploaded all the backup files to my main websites home directory, and the restoring could be performed from there ? in other words I don't need to create user for each website ?

Hello krishkusuma,

Thank you for your question on restoring cpanel backups transferred to your reseller server. You will not need to create new cPanel accounts to be restored. In fact, it is best if the cPanel accounts do not yet exist. They will be created during the implementation of the restoration file.

Uploading the pacakges to your main cPanel will be fine. The team performing the resotration of the cPanel just needs a place to find them. Restoring will create the cPanel for you so no need to create new users for them.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M