PrestaShop: Voucher field missing on Chrome browser

  • Answered
PS1.6.0.9 Default theme - Voucher field missing on Chrome browser but appears on Safari and IE browsers.

Sorry to hear you are missing the voucher field on Chrome. The voucher field should show during the checkout process. I tested the voucher field display on my own site and it displayed via both FireFox and Chrome. I then went to your site and created a test account. Then I entered, added a product and went to check out. Again, the voucher field displayed in both FireFox and Chrome. I am not able to duplicate the issue.

Be sure you have upgraded your Chrome to the newest version to see if that helps. Although it should not matter, if it works now, then it would identify that version as the likely culprit (be sure to write down your current version so you can report it in a response if it is indeed the issue.)

Kindest Regards,
Scott M