white background in logo follow up

  • Answered
I received an answer to my question re: trying to upload a jpeg logo with a white background but the system keeps dropping out the white background (making it transparent) using template av-157. But the answer directs me to use a JPEG, which I've tried to upload about 20 times. Can I get more direct assistance b/c the transparent logo is not working on the template and currently, our website is down until this issue is resolved.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having continuous issues with the logo upload in Premium Web Builder. We are not seeing that behavior and the builder cannot convert jpg to png. My guess is that originally a png was uploaded and any subsequent uploads of jogs have not worked. We are happy to test your specific logo for you. Please upload the file to your account and then respond here so we know that it is done. We can then test your specific file to see if there is anything amiss. Kindest Regards, Scott M