Transferring domain with email TO inMotion

  • Answered
I want to transfer another domain to my account with InMotion. I am already established with InMotion and have access to cPanel. This domain will be my second website. I will call it for example purposes. The domain I am transferring has only one email account ([email protected]). I would like to avoid losing emails during this process because this email address is my main contact for my hosting accounts and my domain contacts.

I setup the new domain ( via "addon Domain".
I setup a matching email account ([email protected]).

Am I ready to start the transfer process? Or are there other steps I need to complete?
Hello Philshevlin, Thanks for the question about not losing email during the transfer your domain to your InMotion Hosting account. You should basically plan to keep access to your email client pointed to your old service until the transition is completed. On the InMotion side, there are several Webmail options that you can use before changing over your email client to point to our services. This way, if you are using a separate mail client, you can keep using it and see your email coming in to the old service up to the point that the DNS changes over to InMotion. When it changes, you won't receive email on the old service but you can see that email is coming in on the new service using webmail. When the change over completes, you simply need to re-configure your mail client to point to InMotion's email settings and then your email client will get email from our services. You won't miss emails that come into that address during the transition if you can watch both the old service and the new during the period of transition. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.