outgoing mail rejected as spam on all domains

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hi there, we like inmotion very much-
however mail stability should be reinforced,
check out the following example:
this domain is connected with full DNS to your servers, check out the given error:
Your MX records according to ns1.servconfig.com. are:
FAIL: MX Record IPs Have rDNS Records
None of your MX record IP addresses have corresponding reverse DNS entries (PTR records). If these MX records are used to send outgoing mail this will cause them to trip anti spam filters. Many SMTP servers will not accept mail from an IP with no reverse DNS.
Successes: 6 Tests PassedFailures: 1 Failure
Warnings: 0 Warnings

needless to say this happens on all our domains, this in turn causes all outgoing mail to be rejected on gmail (apps) servers.

is there a solution?
Hello idosela,

Thank you for your question on PTR records. There may be another cause of the denied email delivery, do you have the header part of a bounce back? Also our PTR records for shared and reseller servers are always the servers. If you need custom PTR records for mail it would have to be done on a VPS or Dedicated solution.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens