My New Drupal Website Is running Very slow

  • Answered
I have a new and optimized drupal website uploded with inmotion , but for some reason it is running very slow, so i uploded the same website with another hosting service provider, with a different domain name, and it loads just fine, so i think my site works fine, but when it comes to inmotion it starts lagging, here is the domain associated with inmotion "", and here is the domain associated with another server "", mind you the file is all the same, but different loading speed, slow with inmotion, fast with the other,

I cant figure out the issue, i am having, please help
Hello, Sorry to hear you feel your Drupal site is running slower than expected. I did take a look at both the URLs you provided. The one with us the site hosted with us came up faster then the other one when we ran our tests. Both, however, came up with some optimization suggestions. You may want to run the tests yourself at a site such as This is a good third party, unbiased, test that is used to help you optimize your site's performance. Of course, be sure to optimize Drupal from within the back end as well. There are also things that can affect site performance that you will not have control over such as current load on the server or specific routing. Also, when comparing different servers, there can be things such as versions of php and MySQL that can be different. You may want to ensure your server has the same PHP, Apache, and MySQL versions as the other. This can only be done for VPS and Dedicated servers, however. Kindest Regards, Scott M