Login to wordpress site fails following attempted theme change

  • Answered
I'm building a blog site under the domain coldcoffee.org up to now WordPress theme is use was customizer. Yesterday on recommendation of a colleague I downloaded the theme "Venue" from within the Appearance/Theme menu item on the WP dashboard for my site. Following the download and installation I attempted to activate the new theme which threw and error message. Thinking it might help or revert back to its previous state I logged out restarted my browser and tried to login the dashboard again. I received the same error. Since then no matter I attempt to access the sites dashboard I receive the same error: "Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/coldco7/public_html/d/wp-content/themes/eventbrite-venue/inc/eventbrite.php on line 385". How can I regain access to my site?
Is there a backup that could be restored or code that I could modify through other access means that would allow me to login to the dashboard again? Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Hello glcsupp, Sorry to hear your WordPress site is not working correctly after a theme change. You can see by the error that it is the theme itself giving the error. If you are unable to get into the dashboard due to this theme, you may want to try to change the theme back to one of the defaults within the database itself. This should set it back so you can then get into the dashboard and remove the offending theme. Kindest Regards, Scott M