AOL DMARC rejecting inMotion email forwards

  • Answered
We are hosting a domain & email at inMotion. Very straightforward. One of the email addresses has a forward to an AOL address. AOL rejects the mail outright. From what I've been reading, this has to do with the change in AOL's DMARC policy. I can't help but think someone else at inMotion has encountered this exact difficulty. Please let us know if we should install a DMARC record at inMotion, and what that record should be. If there is another solution, please inform us of that as well.

Hello covalime,

Thank you for your question regarding AOLs DMARC policy. Can you provide the full bounceback error so we may troubleshoot it fully? We will then be able to provide the proper path for you to take to resolve the issue.

Best Regards,
TJ Edens