Email storage update time requirement

  • Answered
how long does it take for the email panel to reflect the total storage of an individual email account. When I setup an email account I made it an exchange account and then discovered that the users was keeping 5&6 year old emails which was against company policy, so I changed the account to POP3 and then deleted part of the old email stuff. It took only a few hours to reflect the removal. I then deleted the remainder of the old emails and it has been 24 hours and the email panel still shows more than 1/2 of the quota being used.
Hello bobmiers, Thank you for your contacting us about email storage update time. Yes, cPanel does not update the folder sizes immediately. You can force an update by deleting the "maildirsize" file from the email account's folder. For example delete: mail/ If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul