Incoming Server changed and now I can't access old emails

  • Answered
Hi, My incoming server used to be since we started the email around July 2014. Then on 21 Jan 2015, we found out the server was changed to Since then, I had to have two Inbox in my Outlook (Mac) - One containing old mails under secure107 and one containing new emails from secure165. When I access webmail, I can only find new emails (under secure165). How can I access my old emails under Webmail? In addition, I recently had to reset my password. So now, for my old email account (under secure107), both old and new password doesn't seem to work! Outlook (Mac) keeps on prompting me for the password for the secure107 account.
Hello, Thank you for your question on accessing email on your old server. If you still have an old account on the old server, it is possible to access that server's webmail by using the server name for example. Then you can simply log into the old server using the email address and password. You may want to have our Live Support team just move the old emails over to your newer account to keep you from having to log into the old account. They are certainly capable of doing so, they would just need an email request to start the process. If you choose to do that, please include either the current AMP password or the last 4 digits of the credit card on file for both accounts. Kindest Regards, Scott M