Unsuspension and support for quarantined files

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Dear Team,

Could you please explain us why our system suspended?. We recieved some email about protection, but it is not mentioned what is spesifically impact and you need to quarantine and then suspend our account?.

We will create a page from bottom. untill we figure out the problem why you quarentine, and we are requesting support for that , and unsuspend our system asap.

Kind Regards

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Quarantine File is Empty
you inform that my site was hacked. how can i get a backup to fix my problem locally. cannot find any files.
I got an email telling me i´ve been hacked, how do I get all my websites back?

Also it says that my files are on quarantine, how long does that take?

Hello stacvrosg77, Sorry to hear your site was hacked. If you are not seeing any specific files in the quarantine folder for you to go through, you may need to contact the Live Support team for a restoration request. They may be able to locate a safe backup for you to restore. Of course, you can always upload your own recent safe backup and they will be happy to restore that for you too. Kindest Regards, Scott M
Hello Gurkan, Thank you for your question about suspension and quarantined files. Unfortunately, I am not able to give any account specific information here in the public area. You will need to contact the Live Support. They will be able to go over the specifics of your account and any files you have questions about regarding quarantining. Kindest Regards, Scott M