r.gensis modificaton correction required

  • Answered
this is my website ("https://pepperkart.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=1580_1405")
from this site how should i remove a moving image below the refine serch button

my oencart version
r.gensis v3.11

pls help
Hello PepperKart, Thank you for your question on removing the slider image below your search button for your rRGenesis theme in Opencart. In looking at the theme, we discovered it is a premium theme. Unfortunately we are not able to purchase themes to troubleshoot them. The theme's page says that it is able to customize almost every aspect of the theme, so I would think there is away to change or toggle that slider somewhere in the configuration of the site. You may want to visit the themes page and ask a question in their comment section. The developer should respond there with any questions you have. Kindest Regards, Scott M