Why Are WordPress Backup Buddy Backups Deleted?

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I have 13 wordpress sites in IMH running backup buddy scheduled backups. All of them are having the backups deleted about every week or two. I have many sites on other hosting providers, and none of those are having this issue.

Tim S.
Hey Craiger,

Thanks for the quick reply. Give me a day to work with a few others on this and I will get back to you tomorrow via email. I just want to be sure the best solution is the least invasive as possible. Thanks!

Tim S


Sorry to hear you are having issues with your backups being deleted. As a policy we do not enter customers' accounts to delete any files. Unfortunately, storing backups on your server is in violation of our Terms Of Service for data storage. All files on an account need to be actively used for the website.

While making backups is highly recommended, they must be offloaded from the server as soon as they are done. This may be to some cloud storage or even to your local machine.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M