Melbourne IT email saying my domain has been suspended due to abuse

  • Answered
The email has a link claiming I can "Click Here and download a copy of the complaints we have received".
They also claim that they have tried repeatedly to contact me. What do we know about their procedures in such cases. Can you check for me to see what if anything is going on? I assume they would refer me to you anyway.
My email and my sites are working correctly at this time. I think this is a scam and if not, bad policy.
Hello, Thank you for your question on the Melbourne IT domain email. I have to say I have yet to see such an email from Melbourne IT. This does not mean it is invalid, however. You may want to forward the email to our Live Support team to have them investigate it to see if it is valid. If the domain mentioned in the email is still active, that may be a hint to it being invalid, but please let them take a look at it to be sure. They have the ability to contact Melbourne IT directly if needed. Addendum: In a quick search of "Melbourne IT domain abuse email" I ran across this recent article that says it is a scam. I would still forward it to Live Support but please do NOT click on the link and download any software until it is confirmed either as real or fake. It is my guess it is fake at the moment. Kindest Regards, Scott M