How to point domain in Office 365 to InMotion

  • Answered
The domain I'm working with used to be hosted somewhere my friend forgot the logins to. So we wanted to migrate everything into InMotion. I duplicated the Wordpress files and uploaded it to the new host. Now, all we had to do was change the nameservers for the domain in GoDaddy to the InMotion nameservers, which we'd done before. But the problem is, the nameservers in GoDaddy point to Office 365 where the DNS is managed. We don't want to mess up the email setup on Office 365 so we wanted to redirect from Office 365 to the new host.

I went into Office 365 and added a new A record in the DNS management section to point to InMotion. I also added a CNAME record for www. I was able to extract the files and login to the Wordpress dashboard at But whenever I try accessing the domain itself, it gives me the Domain Default Page.

I'm guessing I didn't add enough records to Office 365 to properly point to InMotion? Office 365 is not very helpful with this type of setup. I tried reading up but they only have one article on it that isn't very helpful at all.

Would appreciate a little help with this.

Thank you very much :)

Hello, Thank you for your question on pointing to our servers from another DNS controller. If you have GoDaddy pointing to 365's name servers, then to have the site display from our servers, they should need nothing more than an A record pointing to your server here. I checked all the domains on your site and found only one that points to other nameservers. In checking that domain, it is indeed pointing to us. There is an index.html page that appears to be blocking visitors from viewing the front page of the site (index.php page) so simply renaming that or removing it will show your actual site. Kindest Regards, Scott M