In regards to DNS - still having issues...

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So, have a domain name purchased from May ending in (.ngo), could not go through the domain transfer protocol on InMotion. So I updated the DNS on to reflect InMotion - still cannot see anything but the placeholder on the site. The domain has never been built, or otherwise hosted. The only thing that has been set up is email. Wordpress is installed on InMotion and I cannot log into that either. All I can do is log into CPanel. Need a remedy please.
Hello Palealejandro, Thank you for your question. In regards to your that you provided I am seeing a WordPress website that is very bare/default. Have you tried clearing your browsers cache to see if maybe you are looking at a cached version of the domain? You may also need to clear your local DNS cache for your modem/router to update the destination. Best Regards, TJ Edens