I would like to transfer a domain.

  • Answered
An organization I volunteer with currently has a website with you. We would like to transfer the domain from InMotion Hosting to Weebly and would like help in doing so- also, if we transfer, would we still be able to access our [email protected] email that we have through you? Please advise. Thank you
Hello, Thank you for your question on transferring a domain name away. In transferring a domain name from one registrar to another, there is no effect on the site or email. It is simply the changing of who holds the 'title' to the domain name, so to speak. During the transfer, all DNS records that point to the hosting server, email server, etc, are copied. This means all sites and emails will continue to function during the process. Once you have the domain transferred to the new registrar, you are free to change any records and point anywhere you wish. To transfer away, you simply need to request the release of the domain name. Kindest Regards, Scott M