Why are Word Press Description Boxes Blank?

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InMotion is my website host for DonnasGeneralStore.com. I'm a website novice so chose WordPress with the WooThemes Storefront theme (their suggestion) with WooCommerce 1.2.4 plugin to make it a Store. This website is not the way I want it to look eventually, but until I find a professional to help me to change themes, layout, etc., it is what it is. This website has been working fine for several months. On Sunday I did some plugin updates. It continued to work fine. Then after several hours of work on Monday, the long and short description boxes on the Dashboard side went blank (I can't see any text there). This is true for existing items, as well as my attempt to add new products. If I do a "select all" with a right click of the mouse, the text appears within the blue box, but of course I can't alter the text because as soon as I click on the text it disappears again. I looked at Screen Options, and all the boxes are checked (for viewing). The fields for title, inventory, shipping class, shop categories, and photos are all still there (I can see and alter text here), but the two description boxes won't function. (Because I can't see any text that I type or cut-and-paste into it). If I click that I want to publish that page, it looks fine (contains what information I put there) on the public side. But I don't have access to the Description areas on the admin side. My cursor won't give me a vertical line (start place) to type. I can click on the box, but not type there. Did a malware check on the site with Sucuri and it didn't find anything. Never seen anything like this and don't know what to do about it. The only plugins active are WooCommerce and my Contact form Anyone out there know how to get me out of this? I can't add more inventory to my Store until I get this bug fixed. And as you know, WP and Woo don't much care to respond to questions. THANKS for your help!

This issues seems really odd and I looked around and it has not been reported anywhere else. I would like to try and work on this for you but I will need some private information so I am emailing you personally. Once we get everything resolved I will update this question to provide the resolution.

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TJ Edens