Delete Joolma. Make Wordpress Site Active.

  • Answered
I currently have a Joomla site and have created a new WP site in a folder called 'new'. I have copied the new wordpress files to the public_html directory, but I'm not sure how to delete the Joomla site. AND, the address in the WP dashboard still reads and is gray and not editable in WP.

Any help you could provide to get this new site to be live would be appreciated.
Hello, Thank you for your question on deleting Joomla and making your WordPress site active. You will want to delete the Joomla site first, so you can ensure you get it all. If you have installed Joomla with Softaculous, you can simply uninstall it through that tool. If not, you will need to delete all the files in the public_html folder and any folders you KNOW are for Joomla. Do not delete any folders you are unsure of or know to have files for other programs. If you happen to copy WordPress over into the Joomla folder without first deleting it, it will simply overwrite any files with WordPress if they are named the same. The other files will not affect the WordPress, but just be sitting there useless. When trying to change your URL, if it is grayed out, it means that it is set in the wp_config.php file. You simply need to either remove or change that line in the file. Kindest Regards, Scott M