Shopping cart and checkout page quite working on my

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Website is running fine except the shopping cart and checkout page. Items can be added to cart but cannot checkout, calculate shipping cost, fill in billing and shipping info and payment. Keep getting timing circle on checkout page.
Have been on the phone multiple times with support and they cannot find the problem. Been in contact with woo themes and this was their response. "After quite a bit of troubleshooting, the issue is happening because the Ajax response from the Checkout page is being returned as HTML when it really should be returned as JSON. To fix this, I disabled W3 Total Cache / and any other caching plugins you had on your site. The next step is that you will need to look in your wp-content folder for files named advanced-cache.php or object-cache.php and rename them both to something like advanced-cache.php.bak and object-cache.php.bak- so they stop running on your site." Tried all this but nothing works. Can anyone help fix this issue?

Sorry to hear about your issues with the shopping cart. What happens if you disable the W3 Total Cache plugin entirely? Have you also attempted to remove the plugin (so it removes all traces and dependent files) and see if the cart works?

We unfortunately cannot do much with third party plugins since they are not part of the core of a CMS, there are literally thousands of them so learning them all would be out of the question, and since many of the issues are not due to just the plugin, but how they interact with each other. As you can imagine, that makes millions of combinations.

The best we can do is to advise on diabling plugins and testing them alongside your cart plugin one by one until you find the one that breaks it. Then simply avoid the offending plugin.

I would focus on what Woo says first since they are experts on their plugin. If they think the caching plugin is responsible, attempt to disable/remove it and see how it acts.

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Scott M