How to disable Horde email forwarder?

  • Answered
in an older version of Horde email, there was a feather that I set the Horde incoming email to be forwarded to another email address. I now need to turn that feature off, but with Horde 5.1.1 that feature is gone. How do I stop my Horde account forwarding incoming email to my other email account?

Thank you for your question on the Horde forwarding feature. Several features have been discontinued by Horde in the groupware 5.1.x Some may return if they are added in a future version and cPanel sees the need to include it in one of their updates.

As to how to disable it, you are not able to do so since it was removed. If the feature still seems to be functioning, you may need to delete and then recreate the email account. Be sure that you have no emails on the account that you want to keep at the time, since they will be removed. You may need to forward them to another account temporarily.

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Scott M