Being stuck on ssh connection

Yano 10 months ago in Server / Connectivity updated 10 months ago 2



I'm following this article and being stuck at the step5.

```ssh -p 2222 cpanelusername5@servername.inmotionhosting.com

I enter the line on the terminal and get the following error.

Permission denied (publickey).

How could I fix the error?

Thank you for response Carlos.

After getting more errors, I decided to go for putty and this time it worked!


Hi Yano.

I recommend double-checking to make sure the key generated is “authorized”. By default, it is not authorized after you initially create it. If it is authorized, try downloading the file again and moving it to the .ssh folder on your Mac.

If issues persist I recommend removing the key and trying to generate a new one. Be sure to keep a note of the password, to ensure you are entering it correctly. Also, be sure that you complete the authorization step.

If you continue to experience issues, as an InMotion Hosting customer you can always contact our live Technical Support for further assistance with your account.

I hope this helps!


Carlos D.