I'm drowning in spam

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I used to get a few spam emails per week. Then it became 1000 a week. Now we are headed toward 2000. That's really intolerable and I will not renew my Inmotionhosting registration if you don't get your act together on this. I've had it with being asked to expand or shrink various body parts, date women or men from Russia or other countries, buy solar panels, etc. etc. etc.
I have 3 email accounts: One with my primary employer, one with Verizon on a personal account, and the one with my InMotion Hosting account. I only have this kind of problem with yours. I almost never have it with my primary employer, and I get a tiny fraction of these messages on my Verizon account. I do nothing different with those accounts than I do with yours.
Your remedies are like idiot buttons. I can buy software for a monthly fee; I don't pay a sent for the host to block the crap on other sites. Spam assassin is a joke that takes up time, it doesn't save it. I have the crap sent to a junk folder, but it fills up all day long and I have to actively empty it. I don't bother any more to send you email addresses of junk senders; they have this game down and change their address all the time, so that's pointless.
You need to fix this at your end. If you can't, I'm sure I can find other hosts who manage it much, much better.
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your spam. If you are getting upwards of 1000 spam per day you may have a problem far beyond the server's ability to filter. This likely means your address has been added to many spam lists and likely sold to many others. However, hope is not lost! First, let's go over how to greatly decrease your spam influx. Spam prevention is not something where you can turn on a tool or select a couple of checkboxes and it stops appearing. Any place that has a filter so strict that you receive no spam is also likely preventing many other things from getting to you. We wouldn't think you would want your mailman going through your mail and deciding for you what you should or should not receive in your physical mailbox. Many people do not want companies deciding for them what they should and should not see in their email boxes, this is the stance we take. With a wide variety of customers, there are many emails that fall into gray areas where it may be spam to one person but not another. That being said, we do have some high level filtering in place. Any spam that is listed on two major blacklists is automatically filtered out of your email stream. If an address is bad enough to get on that list, then the likelihood of anything coming from that address being spam is quite high, so they are removed. As for others, you do not have to subscribe to McAfee spam filtering, it is simply a managed solution that many find valuable. This way they do not have to manage the spam themselves. Spam Assassin is a general tool that assigns points to an email depending on how many violations it has. If the score gets to or above the threshold you set for it, then it is flagged as spam and dealt with according to how you have the program set to deal with it (delete it, store it in a folder, or simply allow it to pass but flagged as spam). Account level filtering is likely the best way to tailor your anti-spam program. This allows you to filter things on your cPanel level. You can specify filters based on words, senders, IPs, domains, etc) User level filtering is the same as account level, but for specific email addresses. Spammers are always finding ways to get around the filters, and they are good at it. That is how they make their money. What worked for a spam email last week may not this week as the spammer has tweaked his system. A proper spam prevention program takes your individual attention and time. Initially setting it up can take a while. Dialing in the finer settings can take a bit as well, but after you have it set up, it just takes a little maintenance. One major thing you may want to consider is NOT having your email in plain text on your site. That makes it available to every spammer's email scraper on the web. Also, using very common email addresses simply invite spam ([email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] ). Using email addresses like that, the spammers don't even have to know your address, they simply send spam to those common addresses and you are getting them. You will want to use more unique email addresses, nothing crazy, just slightly different ([email protected] perhaps?). The vast majority of our customers like to have individual control over their spam program. Some that do not opt for using third party systems such as Gmail for their email. They still use their same email addresses, but allow Google's servers do some filtering work. Google still simply moves potential spam to other folders for you to review and delete, but it seems to satisfy many people. Kindest Regards, Scott M