folder "js" missing from public_html

  • Answered
This morning, we discovered that a folder called js that is directly under public_html was missing from our website (, and that caused all our styling to disappear. We replaced the folder from a backup, and thus we are okay now. But nobody here knows why that one folder disappeared, so I thought I would see if you had any ideas. We don't know when it disappeared, as our website had seemed okay yesterday, and nobody here has been working on the website for a few days. Thanks for any suggestions.
Richard, Apologies for the problems with the missing JS folder. I researched the issue per what we have access to in the Community Support group, and your logs indicate that there have been no moves of files through FTP. However, it's always possible that someone logged into the cPanel, looked at the files and accidentally dragged the folder into a different location. There's not really a way to see that, though you could submit a verified support ticket so that our technical support team can take a deeper look. Kindest regards, Arnel C.