Wordpress Avada theme intallation failure - other options

  • Answered
I have spent seven hours trying to upload the Avada theme into the WordPress installation page and still cannot start creating my site. I think my computer doesn't have the capacity to upload the size of files, zipped, and want to know what other options exist, such as unzipping files first and loading to the correct sections within my account (ftp?). Pretty disappointed so far - basic tutorial isn't relevant. Please help!
Hello, Sorry to hear you are still having issues with your theme install. I have never seen a theme that could not be installed directly from within WordPress, either by using the Theme finder or by uploading the theme and installing from there. If you are having issues uploading you can certainly unzip the theme onto your local system and upload it in parts via FTP. This will take much longer, however. I looked at your account and see the Avada theme in your themes folder. I also see the theme is a premium theme, so we cannot attempt to duplicate the issue without having to purchase the theme. Also, since it is a premium theme, you will need to contact them for support with any theme-related issues or configuration questions. Kindest Regards, Scott M