my htaccess fille is corrupted and causing site to download

  • Answered
Today when trying to log onto my site a download dialog box comes up. I called tech support and they told me I had to leave a question here instead, very frustrated right. Here is what they emailed me to put into this question: For your site I had to disable the .htaccess file to stop the site from downloading. I did this by renaming the file to .htaccess.bak1. I was not able to determine the code in the file that was causing the issue.
Can anyone please help with figuring out what's going on? Larry said that it looks like a plug in is doing the damage by writing to the htaccess file - the caching plugin.
Hello cpphotos, Sorry to hear about your trouble with your WordPress site. Typically, when a page tries to download, it is due to a php version issue on the account. This can be adjusted via the htaccess file or in the cPanel for the entire account. If you have not lately changed the php version, done a server switch, or recently upgraded the WordPress, this may not be the issue. You can test the plugin theory by disabling the caching plugin (renaming that particular plugin folder under the wp-contents/plugins directory). I am unable to duplicate the issue you describe. If you would not mind giving details here such as what you did to get the dialog box, I am happy to troubleshoot for you. Kindest Regards, Scott M