subdomain with and without wpmu

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I have a wp multisite with only one domain and Sub-directories mode. Shared hosting.
Is for a bilingual site. Main language is in subsite and will continue growing, and the other language, also in subsite will be a resumed version of the main language.
The first site is empty: is redirected to There will be an
Now I need to setup a new sub site as part of the same site . But I'm willing to have it out the wpmu, with a single install in a folder inside the main site. Like something. or Is it compatible having subdomains in and out WPMultisite for the same domain?
Hello, Thank you for your question on adding another WordPress instance under a new subfolder. Yes, you can certainly install another instance under a different subfolder. To do that, simply install the instance while naming that subfolder during the install process. Or, if doing a manual install, simply upload the new instance to that folder before running the install. You will of course need to log into the separate instance and maintain it separately, but the second instance also removes the single point of failure and hackability. Kindest Regards, Scott M