Current best practice for automatically deleting email from mailbox?

  • Answered
My users do not use pop or imap to receive their mail, only forwarders. But they still use smtp to be able to have their email addresses appear in their emails' From: fields. What is the current best practice to delete emails from their mailboxes after, say, 30 days? I've seen cron jobs connected with a python script called archivemail, but am posting to see if there is anything better. Thanks!

Hello RandHoppe, Thank you for contacting us about automatically deleting email. We are happy to help guide you, but will need some additional information. Are there only email forwarders, or are the mail accounts created in cPanel? How are they checking email? For example, are they using Outlook, Macmail, etc. Also, if you are hosting/saving emails on our servers, we have an automated IMAP archiving service as an option as well. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul