Need to install another SSH public key

  • Answered
I am setting up my Windows computer with DeltaCopy which utilizes Cygwin, which will allow me to use rsync to copy files to our Elite Dedicated Server at InMotion Hosting.

For DeltaCopy to make a connection using SSH, I have created a private/public key pair to use specifically with DeltaCopy. (The instructions specifically warn: "Do not use puttygen program that comes with putty to create your keys. Those keys won't work with the SSH client that comes with CYGWIN.")

I am given the instruction: "Copy your public key ( to your Linux/UNIX machine using FTP or other similar mechanism. Your public key should be copied to $HOME/.ssh directory. Rename the file from to authorized_keys. Once done you should have a file called $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys containing your public key".

I see there is already a file named "authorized_keys" with a public key in it. Since I do not want to loose the existing public key, may I add the new public key to the next line of the file?

Hello Marc,

Thanks for the question about adding another public key in the authorized_keys file. I asked our systems people and the responded that it should be no problem to add the second key into the authorized_keys file even though it's not been generated by PUTTY. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.

Arnel C.