Problems with my open cart

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My website was just uploaded to inmotion and the opencart version is out of date tech support believes so it has some errors and I cant access my admin page to edit anything. They say I need to ask community support to help me with this issue. Can someone please help me to get this fixed. Im the new web manager for this website and so I have never worked on this website till moving it over to inmotion. HELP!!
Here is a screenshot of the message I received from tech support this morning:

Thank you for contacting support. I'm truly sorry to learn that you are having these issues with your website. However upon review of this information it appears that this is a coding issue and some of the settings in your files are not configured correctly in the config.php and other files. This would have to be updated. You would need to have a developer look into this for you, or you can try the customer community, more information can be found below:

While we in the Support Department would not be able to assist you with that, you are welcome to contact our Customer Community Team for assistance. They are available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 AM and 9 PM. They do answer questions within 60 minutes when you post in our Support Forum

PLEASE! Can someone help me to fix this?????????
Hello, Thank you for contacting us regarding issues logging into OpenCart, after moving to our servers. We spent some time looking into this and it seems to be a pathing issue. It is possibly caused by the /shop/admin/config.php file. Within this file it defines the path to specific folders, and they look incorrect. I recommend reviewing this path to ensure they are pointing to the correct location of folders. Here is a helpful link to the official OpenCart Documentation on Moving OpenCart to a new server. Also, ensure the version of OpenCart you are running is compatible with your server. You can view your server specification in cPanel, or with a phpinfo page. Keep in mind, since this is an older version of the OpenCart,the resources are limited, and it also presents security risks. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, John-Paul