Unit price is showing $0.00

  • Answered
The price for all of my items is showing as $0.00 on its product page. When on the list page it shows the correct price as well as in the shopping cart after item is added. I recently updated to Prestashop version from version

Any help is appreciated Thank you.
Hello Clothnneedle,

Sorry for the problem with the pricing in PrestaShop. When you look at the pricing in your products in the backend (the PrestaShop Admin), are you seeing the correct pricing? We would need more information about the issue and be able to access your installation in order to troubleshoot it. Otherwise, I would suggest submitting a support request to PrestaShop (or the PrestaShop community forum) for further assistance. Please provide more information on the installation if you wish for us to pursue the issue further.

Kindest regards,
Arnel C.