email Login failed,can not send or receive emails

  • Answered
I can not send or receive emails,it says ERR Login failed,what is the proble?I reset the password for many times,after reseting it works well but like 2 days later,it has the same problem again
Hello, Sorry to hear you are having issues with your email. Have you tried our Email Troubleshooting guide? It goes over many of the more common issues. A login error is specifically one of three things. Either the username is wrong, the password is wrong, or the server it is pointing to is wrong. We do not change information on the server (username/password) so you may want to check the email client you are working with. If the password is indeed being changed on the server and it is not you, you will want to change the cPanel password to prevent anyone else from accessing the email area and changing the password to email accounts. Kindest Regards, Scott M