wordpress site appearce is different whether logged in or not

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http://electricraftpumps.com/ addon domain. the site has lost the proper appearance (header image, footer credibility widget, menu color back to default 2014 theme green...). i noticed this 3 weeks ago. i logged in as wp admin and fixed it all back to the way it should be, SAVED, and i can see the correct appearance. the problem is the changes you cannot see on safari, chrome, firefox if you are not logged in (thus only the admin can see the correct appearance).

i called tier 1 support and Kolby could NOT see the header, footer, or correct colors. he took the site's admin/pass and logged in and only then he saw the correct formatting. thus the site is displayed in 2 forms but the problem is no visitors see the site properly, only the logged in admin does.

3 weeks ago i noticed this going on and did a softaculous restore of a july copy and got unzip error. put in a ticket with softaculous and they weren't sure what caused that error. today i restored from a march 26 2015 image of the site but still getting this diff looks to the site.

have any ideas?

thank you!


2014 theme has been static for 2 years except plugin updates.
Hello TheBoatPeople,

I am glad you were able to log into your account for this post and that disabling the caching plugin resolved part of your issue. I would not recommend removing W3 on all of your websites unless you are seeing problems with them. The issue with the page looking different seems to be still a caching issue when a plugin caches the website for known users. Are you sure W3 is disabled/cache deleted and you are not using any other caching program?

Best Regards,
TJ Edens

Thank you for your question on your WordPress appearance. In looking at your site, it appears to be a normal 2014 theme with no obvious missing images. You say you made adjustments and the did show for you? How are you viewing when you see it correctly? WordPress does not have a Live and Development stage, so any changes made should be automatic.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M