phpBB set up question

  • Answered
I know nothing about phpBB. I am considering adding a sewing forum that will be separate from my business website. It needs to be private so members will be invited to join. I am wondering if this is possible? I don't want my website's name/info showing up in the forum address, etc. since it is not related to my business. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello dm5400,

Thank you for contacting us about setting up phpBB. Since will not be related to your business website, I recommend using a separate domain (you can register a domain name via AMP).

You can then add the new domain to your cPanel, as an Add-on domain, which allows it to function as a separate website (with separate files/folders).

Next, install phpBB on the new domain.

Then, phpBB can be used to manage registrations, or group permissions.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

Thank you,