Tortoise receive message: 501 Method Not Implemented

  • Answered
I installed subversion on my VPS.
if I access by web, i can read the files inside my SVN repo, but if I use tortoise I recieve the message :

Checkout from, revision HEAD, Fully recursive, Externals included
Unable to connect to a repository at URL
OPTIONS request on '/svn/heimdallReports' failed: 501 Method Not Implemented

Can you tell me if have an policy on apache that block the acces, or I've bad configuration.

Hello Ssharoian, I took a look at your server and it seems that Mod Security is blocking the request. I would suggest contacting support if you are not knowledgeable about disabling Mod Security rules. You can see the same information I was by running the following command on your server: grep 501 /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log |grep "/svn/heimdall" Best Regards, TJ Edens
Hello, Thanks for your question about 501 Method Not Implemented. Sorry to hear you are having issues with Tortoise SVN. I am not familiar with that software, but researching that specific error message it is recommended for you to check your proxy and/or virus scanner/firewall and configure them to allow DAV requests. Kindest Regards, Scott M